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How To Sell Your Home Quickly and At Best Price!

JL Pratt Realtor's agents provide the guidance and support you need to sell your property quickly and at the best possible price. How is this accomplished? We work with you to: Prepare property: Declutter your house, make necessary repairs, and consider staging. Set...

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Pricing Real Estate…It’s in the Details!

Pricing real estate is in the details.  Contact a JL Pratt Realtors agent for a FREE market analysis. What would you like to sell your home for? Are you curious to know how our agents work with you to find the perfect price? They will consider various factors such as...

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The PrattMobile – It’s in the Details

It’s in the details that sets JL Pratt Realtors apart from other real estate businesses. Realizing that our buyers and sellers wanted to move small personal items themselves, Janet Pratt, our real estate broker and fearless leader, purchased the PrattMobile in 2005!...

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